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Throughout the ages, science, philosophy, and religion have contemplated and debated the question of truth. What is it? Is there even such a thing? To one, it is a meaningless and empty concept; to another, it is the sum total of facts that can be verified experimentally; to yet another, it is the spiritual principle, beyond the ability of mortal man to know or understand, that forms the foundation of all life, of all existence. Our nature, our up-bringing, our ducation, our experiences of life - all of these contribute to our world-view and our sense of what "truth" means to us individually and culturally.

From the uneducated shepherd-boy, sitting on a rock, playing his pipe, and gazing into a golden sunset; to the computer science graduate, surfing the net with a slice of instant pizza in his hand; to the politician, weighing up the options before him and wondering how to survive the next 24 hours; to the shop owner, counting the day's takings and dreaming about this year's holiday in the sun - if only he can do well enough to afford it; to the New-Ager getting caught up in Dan Brown's "The da Vinci Code" and wondering if he's a direct descendant of Mary Magdalene; to the spotty adolescent embracing the fantasy of J.K. Rowlings' latest Harry Potter novel, and wondering if the spells really work; there is something within every one of us that needs to know.

Why do we send our children to school? Why has the World Wide Web become such a hit world-wide? Why are there libraries, laboratories, and observatories on every continent, in every city, on every campus? Why do men forego food and sleep, burning the midnight oil? Why do men risk their lives venturing into forests, over ice-caps, under oceans, with cameras and all sorts of measuring equipment? What is it that impels men and women to inquire, to investigate, to experiment, to discuss, to debate, to read, to write, to contemplate, to meditate? It is the nagging, unquenchable need within each one of us to know.

But what is it that we are trying to know? And why is it so important? Why is it not enough for us to eat and drink, for tomorrow we die? And why is there any question about death - is it really the end, or is there something more beyond the grave? And, if there is, can it be known? Why do we need to understand ourselves and how we function? Why do psychologists delve into the murky mysteries of the mind and the heart? What do they hope to accomplish? Where does it all end up?

The bottom line is this: we all have a need to know the truth, and our lives are directed by our quest for truth. Whether that quest leads you down the road of science, or philosophy, or religion, or drugs, or debauchery, you are on a journey of discovery. You may be groping along the wall like a blind man at midnight, or crawling across burning desert sands under a relentless sun. You may have a mind so open that you swallow whole every bit of nonsense that comes your way, or you may be so sceptical that you disbelieve everything and everyone, even your own thoughts. Whatever your background, whatever your circumstances, whatever your objectives, you are on a quest for truth as you understand it.

This website is a part of my contribution to this process. In it, I give an outline of my own experiences and my own conclusions . You may or may not be able to relate to my experiences, and you may or may not agree with my conclusions. My hope, however, is that knowing what I have gone through may help you to make sense of what you are going through, and help you to come out the other end into the light of understanding rather than the darkness of despair or confusion.

I also include a number of essays in which I present reasoned arguments for why I believe what I believe , and why I am convinced that the way I have chosen is the right way. Again, I recognise that many will disagree, and that many will disagree vehemently. But if one person out of all those who enter this website comes to a knowledge of the truth through the influence of my endeavour, then this exercise will have been worthwhile and I will be satisfied.

So, let me join you for a while on your journey. You can use the tabs at the top of the page or the links on the left to get into the meat of the website. Let's go together and make our common quest for truth a successful and an enjoyable one.

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