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I value your feedback.

If you have any comment to make in relation to the website itself or, more importantly, its content, please feel free to tell me about it. For example:
  • Is the website pleasing to the eye or ugly - attractive or repulsive?
  • Are you able to read it OK? Is the typeface large enough? Does the text stand out enough from the background?
  • After reading a page or two, are you starting to get eye-strain?
  • Is the site easy to navigate? Do you know where you are, and do you know how to get to where you want to get to?
  • Do all of the links work for you, or do any of them point to a non-existent page?
  • Are the articles written in plain English that's easy to follow and understand?
  • Is the subject matter interesting? Did you want to read it all? Did you wish that there had been more?
  • Were the arguments logical and reasonable? Did they make sense to you?
  • Did you agree with my line of reasoning and my conclusions? If not, why not?
  • What has been your own experience?
  • What do you believe, and why do you believe so?
You can contact me with the answers to these question, or any other comments or obseravetions, by emailing me on:

Or, alternatively, you can post a comment to the companion Weblog on: